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How does the Magnetic Field influence on the water

How does the Magnetic Field influence on the water

To understand why the magnetic field improves the blood circulation and the lymph flow it is necessary to  study the mechanism of action of the magnetic field on the water.
The water molecule H2O is like a magnet on its electric charge, which has a positive (+) and negative (-) poles. In the water molecule, the part in which are positioned the hydrogen (H) atoms is positive (+) and the part in which is posed the oxygen (O) atom is negative(-).
Therefore, the structure of water is characterized by clusters in which are knotted 15 to 20 water molecules. The individual molecules are connected on their opposite poles (+) and (-).
When water is placed under the influence of the magnetic field, intermolecular connections are broken and clusters of water molecules break down into smaller clusters and individual private water molecules.
The monomolekules and the small clusters increase the solubility of the water and its activity.
Thus structured water dissolves more active the miniral substances.
This property of the magnetic water is used in practice as a safe and cheap alternative method for preventing deposition in plumbing. When water passes through a magnetic field, the calcium carbonate get modified. It is electrically neutral, and remained as suspension in the water. In this way the magnetic water soluble deposits, passing through the pipes. Medical studies have shown that the magnetic water molecule in the blood has the same properties and dissolves deposits in blood vessels.
Therefore, due to its increased activity and solubility property, the magnetic water insert into the cells of living organisms more food and it is much easy assimilated. Furthermore, the magnetic water dissolves better the waste products, coming from the work of the cells. In its circulation in the body, the magnetic water not only eat better cells, but it cleans them better, that actually speeds up the life cycle.
Studies have shown that the magnetic treatment of the water reduces the amount of nitrogen dissolved in it. Nitrogen accumulates in stagnant and bottled water and it is responsible for the development of microorganisms that draw the oxygen from the water. Scientists have proven that the use of a very strong magnetic field in a very short period of time (less than one millisecond) have a decontamination effect. This discovery, for example, is used in Bordeaux, France, where by pulsed magnetic fields they sterilize products.
Logically, it can be assumed that once the magnetic field acts in this manner over the goods will have the same effect on the water. Therefore, it can be concluded that magnetic treatment of the water makes it more resistant to the appearance of microorganisms growing in a nitrogen environment.
The effect on the water by further magnetic field is expressed as:
- Increasing of the yields in the plant growing up to 30 - 35% according to some sources;
- Increasing of the productivity in the livestock;
- Improvment of the metabolism, increasing the immunity and its healing effect as a result of increased solubility and water activity.

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