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Magnetic field and the libido of people over 55 - part1

Magnetic field and the libido of people over 55 - part1

Due to the big interest to the problems of the libido in people over 55 years, we will discuss this topic in two articles.
One of the characteristic of our times is to increase the life duration. A growing proportion of the world population is the so-called “third age”. Undoubtedly, the libido is one of the most important elements to maintain the desired quality of life.
Is the aging of the body affect the libido and to what degree? Is it really have only negative influence? Can we adapt to the changes that occur with age, without significantly influence on our libido?
To answer these questions it is better to analyze the change of the libido in aging.
1. After the man gets 50-55 years he receive sustainable erection after a prolonged sexual stimulation, which affects the libido.
2. For expression of the libido, increasing importance gained the direct (tactile) stimulation.
3. The hardness of the penis when erect decreases, but this usually does not affect directly the libido and penetration of the penis during intercourse.
4. The mental state has a growing influence on the libido.
5. The length of the recovery period, following a prolonged ejaculation increases.
6. The stimulation necessary for the expression of the libido increases.
7. The physical demand of direct manifestation of the libido decreases. The man may feel mentally satisfied even without to reach this physiological condition.

Similarly, the changes in the libido in aging women are: weaker and less frequent sexual impulses and the occurrence of orgasm is  slower and less pronounced. This fact is explained by changes of the vascular system similar to that of the men.
It is necessary to underline  that the age it self is not a cause for deterioration of the libido.
The processes accompanying the aging that are largely preventable, also effects on libido.
One of the factors affecting the libido in men and less in women's is the increased risk of cardiovascular and other diseases among older people. Particularly important in this age are the hypertension and the poorly compensated diabetes, damaging the vessels that provide blood circulation to the genitals. It should be noted and more frequent depression affecting the personal identification and consequently the libido.
Enormous damage on libido, as well as on health status are large amounts of drugs, which are taken when aging.
(To be continued)

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