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Return policy

The magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic can be returned within 45 (forty five) days after they have been ordered if:
- The accessory is defective;
- Delivery is mistaken. The sent product is different from the ordered product.
The returned item must be new and unused.

Please note, that postal costs for returned goods are responsibility of the customer and will be reimbursed by us only if the product is defective or mistaken and the returned band is new and unused. To reduce the transport costs, please fill in the form of return, positioned below on our site. In the field "other details" please describe the defect and your willingness to refund your money or replace the product with other accessory available from our website at the time of completing the form.

Within three days we will respond, if the problem you describe in the form is cause for reclamation. If the claim is justified and can be taken from us, we will point out the type of courier service which is required to use.

In case that we made a mistake and your reclamation is justified, after receiving the product back and check if it meets the conditions for return, we will refund your paid postage for the returned product and transaction costs of returning the money, or shipping costs for the new product.

If the price of the new product that you have requested is higher than the price of the returned product, you will have to pay the price difference in the manner provided for payment on our site. Please note that the costs of this transaction are your responsibility. The new shipment will be processed upon receipt of your surcharge.

If the price of the new product is lower than the price of the returned product we will refund the difference and deduct the cost of the transaction.
We would be grateful if you give us five days to process your reclamation.

We assure you that you are an important customer for us. We would like you to feel happy with our products. That is why we are ready to replace the bought by you magnetic leather accessory beMAGnetic, if you want it. It is necessary to inform us of your wish by filling out the form on our site. We will do everything possible to satisfy it.

Please note, that in this case, all costs for transportation of returned and received new product as well as transactions for the extra charge, or refunding the money is your responsibility and you can return only new, not used products.