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Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size L (details)

Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size L (details)
Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size L (details)
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Face material: real leather

Lining: real leather
- length: 61.50 cm/ 24.2 in
- width: 4.00 cm/ 1.6 in
- tour of the neck: from 45.50 cm/ 17.9 in to 54.50 cm/21.5 in
Obesity in pets:
The obesity in pets is result of disturbed metabolism in the body where excess weight accumulates and the body weight of the animal increases.
The factors leading to obesity in pets include: overfeeding, lack of exercise due to the small movement at home, dysfunction of the pituitary, thyroid and gonads.
In obesity in pets are shown the following symptoms: weight gain, sluggishness and immobility, increased appetite and thirst, impairment of function of the gastrointestinal tract, heart failure.
The obesity in pets is dangerous for their health and even for their life, especially in disease of severe heart failure.
Treatment of obesity in pets depends on causes of its appearance. Necessarily includes diet and hormones are often prescribed to restore hormonal balance in the body of the animal.
Medical treatment of obesity in pets, however, is not safe. Medicines usually have many side effects on the body.
The best we can do is to take preventive action to fence off the obesity in pets.
If we compensate the magnetic deficiency, we can prevent the disruption of the metabolism of the body. The magnetic prophylaxis combined with a balanced diet and measured exercise will prevent obesity in pets.
Use the magnetic collars beMAGetic, as an effective prevention of obesity in pets.

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