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Cat magnetic collar - blue real leather with strass effect - size L - (details)

Cat magnetic collar - blue real leather with strass effect - size L - (details)
Cat magnetic collar - blue real leather with strass effect - size L - (details)
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Face material: real leather
Lining: real leather

- length: 32.00 cm/ 12.6 in
- width: 2.00 cm/0.8 in
- tour of the neck: from 21.00 cm/8.3 in to 28.50 cm/11.2 in

The magnetic cat accessories calm the anxiety in cats 

The pets are separated from the natural environment in which they emerged and evolved their species.
Their coexistence in one place with the people is in conflict with the physiological characteristics of the species, which increases their anxiety. The man, imposing his lifestyle on the pet, further deprive him of the influence of major natural factors, such as the Earth's magnetic field, which deepens the imbalances in the animal organism.
To create more suitable conditions of life for our pets and to reduce their anxiety, we must compensate the insufficiency of natural factors and save them from stress.
The cat accessories with integrated flexible magnet compensate the insufficiency of magnetic field and reduce the anxiety of the pet in the same time.
The magnetic field, radiated by the cat accessories reduces the strength of nerve impulses transmitted from the peripheral nervous system to the brain and in this way, the cat accessories influence on the anxiety and stress.
The anxiety and the stress deplete vital functions of the organs and the systems within the body of the animal. This can be prevented with the use of cat accessories from the line beMAGnetic for pets.
Giving magnetic cat accessories to the pets, we not only reduce their anxiety, but also provide them the necessary magnetic prevention.
Another cat accessory reducing the anxiety in cats is:
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