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About our products

beMAGnetic (bM) is new line of stylish leather accessories with therapeutic action. As compensating sources of constant magnetic field, they are an ideal tool to overcome the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.
beMAGnetic are made of high quality effective real leather, with integrated elastic magnet bipolar magnetic field.
By purpose and design the magnetic leather accessories are different types:

Magnetic leather bracelets

The products are attractively designed and available in five sizes - S, M, L, XL and XXL. They should be put tightly to the wrist or ankle. The magnetic leather accessories in this group may be used as an elegant accent to any fashion outfit and in the same time they are an effective tool for overcoming the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. If used everyday the magnetic leather bracelets  improve the blood circulation. As a result, the brain and the organs are supplied with more oxygen, which increase the concentration and the efficiency. They improve the metabolism, the heart work and when permanent used, the magnetic field regulates the functioning of the endocrine system.
The magnetic leather accessories for wrists and ankles, for convenience, should be placed at least three centimeters above the wrist or the ankle, in order not to hinder their movement. If your body suffers from a large Magnetic Deficiency, you will need several days adjustment period (no more than 2-3 days) during which we recommend you to use only one product. After adaptation of the body, you can use few accessories of this kind at once, or combine with magnetic products of other group.

Magnetic leather bands for head

The magnetic leather accessories for head are made with elastic in the back side to be comfortable for use by all people. With this design, they are universal and are only available in one size. They are suitable for magnetic therapy for headache, migraine, ocular hypertension, tinnitus, high blood pressure. Using the magnetic leather accessories for head is a perfect prevention of stroke. In combination with the standard bM for wrist, the magnetic products from this group are a powerful tool for prevention of the cardiovascular system and sharply reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you wear them over your eyebrows during cold winter months, the magnetic bands will protect you from sinusitis, and if you already have these symptoms, the use of bM for head will considerably relieve them.
The magnetic leather accessories for head should be put few centimeters above the eyebrows for treatment of headache and sinusitis. For treatment of high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems of the magnetic part of the product should be put on the scruff. In all other cases, there is no matter how you will wear it. It should be put tight to the body.
The magnetic leather accessories for head are suitable for use by active people and people engaged in intense mental labor.

Magnetic leather bands for knee

The magnetic leather accessory for knee beMAGnetic is made of real leather with mounted band of PU leather in the back part with velcro attached to it. This construction makes it suitable for size of the knee from 34 cm to 43 cm. The knee band is offered in one size.
The product is suitable for use for: knee pain, varicose veins of the legs in the area between the knee and ankle, swelling.
Better and faster results you'll get if you combine the magnetic leather accessory for knee with ankle band. This combination is suitable for people who take heavy physical exertion, which may encumber mostly joints of the legs.
The compensatory effect of the use of the standard bM for knee is relatively weak. If you wish to compensate your Magnetic Deficiency, it is recommended to combine the magnetic bands for knee with the magnetic bands for wrist or with the standard bM for head.
We recommend using more than one accessory beMAGnetic, after the first few days adaptation period in which the body restores its magnetic balance. During this period, users with big Magnetic Deficiency may feel weak discomfort as a result of compensatory remediation processes. After recovery of the magnetic balance and in consequence of the total energy balance of the organism during the first two or three days, the discomfort disappears.
If you take medication for blood pressure, read carefully the text in the bottom of this page.

Special magnetic leather bracelets

The special bM for wrist are made mainly from black leather with ornate metal elements. These products have designed of motto accessories and they are suitable for all fans of the genre "heavy metal".
The magnetic leather accessories from this group are available in three sizes: M, L and XL.
Because of their special design their width is significantly greater than the width of the standard magnetic bands. Their bigger surface makes them extremely effective in overcoming the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. When using these accessories, you will quickly improve your physical condition.
The magnetic leather products with design of motto accessories are especially suitable for people exposed to greater physical activity. They are a powerful means of stimulating and enhancing the sexuality. Our observations show that their use increased up to 30% the taken exercises and the achieved results.
Due to its rapid action when using this type of magnetic accessories, the users with high levels of magnetic deficiency may feel temporary discomfort during the first few days, and exacerbation of the symptoms of their illnesses, if any. After this short adaptation period during which the body restores its magnetic balance, the special bM wrist can be successfully combined with the magnetic bands for head and knee, especially for active people.

The magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic are the most suitable compensatory source of constant magnetic field, necessary for every human being.
Warning: When using the magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic, users who take medicines for blood pressure should monitor their indicators and if necessary to reduce doses or stop medications under competent supervision.
The magnetic leather accessories are water resistible.
If you wet beMAGnetic chemically active solutions, such as detergents, place the band in clean cold water and after 15 minutes clean it with fine sponge. Otherwise, you risk chemical active substances absorbed into the leather of your magnetic accessories to cause allergy later.
Do not heat the magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic! The strength of the magnetic field drops at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius.