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Mechanisms of depression

Mechanisms of depression

The depression is a disease of the emotions. Its range is from hyperactivity to sadness, a sense of grayness and nothingness, despair and powerlessness. In severe depression, even some physiological functions of the body may be affected and damaged. The depression is not just a low mood, but this condition of man and his brain where it can be said that his mood is sick. For people with depression the world is colored in black. The people suffering from depression live in an unreal world where there is neither faith, nor hope, nor love. And there is no matter how wanted and loved are they.

The brain which is affected by depression began suddenly and without any reason and relation with the external circumstances to give rise feelings of sadness and anxiety, a sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness of life.

The futurologists called the XXI century - "century of the depression" and the psychiatrists warn that the depression is the "cancer of the XXI century". The world Health Organization says that by 2020 deaths from suicide due to depression will come in second place among the causes of death in the world.

If we want to get rid of our anxiety and the depression, we need to know the mental mechanisms that govern the human subconscious. They are three: "the principle of dominance," "dynamic stereotype" and "specificity of speech."

The first psychological mechanism involved in the creation of depression is "the dominant principle." Its essence is as follows: When a brain center is excited, it gradually turns to be dominant and suppressing the work of the others. The excitation incurred in them shifts to the dominant center.

The second mechanism that plays the most important role in the development of the depression is the mechanism of "dynamic stereotype" - or the habits. As the people can habituate to everything they can get used to the state of depression also. And to fight the habit is very difficult. The depression remained in people's heads because the mechanism of "dynamic stereotype". It is very easy to find a cause for depression - a conflict in the workplace, problems in the family life or health problems etc. The truth is that we are nurturing subconsciously our depression.

The third mechanism that characterizes the state of depression is associated with "the specifics of the speech." The subconscious lead the mind and it fulfills obediently all the instructions coming from "below". Unsuspectingly we will be forced to complain of our life, of the injustice in the world. Therefore, similar complaints coming out from a person suffering from depression, are not accidental, nor are his opinion. This is the opinion of the Depression, the opinion of the person is missing in this moment.

So, the depression is such smart enemy. Therefore it should not be underestimated.

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