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Hypertension and the influence of the magnetic field (part 1)

Hypertension and the influence of the magnetic field (part 1)

Because of the big importance of the hypertension (the high blood pressure) for the duration and the quality of our life, also the big number of people, including children having high blood pressure, we will analyze the problem in few articles.

The Arterial hypertension is a condition, in which the arterial system registers a high blood pressure. Because of this fact, the heart works difficult. The arterial pressure is: systolic (the upper limit of the blood pressure) and diastolic (the lower limit). The normal values of the systolic pressure are: 120 -130 mm Hg, and the normal values of the diastolic pressure are: 80 – 85 mm Hg. For the older people the allowable values are up to 145/90 mm Hg. Values over 160/95 mm Hg are consider as high values. The arterial pressure between 145/90 and 160/95 mm Hg is the intermediate zone and has to be traced.
The high blood pressure in the pulmonary artery is called pulmonary hypertension.

Normally from hypertension (high blood pressure) suffer the adult people (40 - 60 years old). But it is also important the frequency of the high blood pressure into the people on age from 14 to 39 years.
In the last years the morbidity from high blood pressure of the teenagers and the young people up to 20 years old becomes formidable.

The high blood pressure starts as neurovegetative misbalance of the vessels. Later it develops into a standing hypertension.      
The hypertension (the high blood pressure) appearing as neurovegetative misbalance of the vessels is called essential and it is accepted as primary hypertension.
All other types of hypertension are secondary and are related with diseases of the kidneys, adrenals, brain tumors and other.  
By frequency the arterial hypertension has the following structure: neurovegetative (essential) hypertension – 60%; secondary (symptomatic) hypertension – 40%, from which: renal hypertension – 25%, renoval hypertension – 12% and other hypertension – 3%.
The arterial pressure is sustained in favorable for the organism limits, depending of its physical and psychic activity, trough the nerve and humoral regulation. The reflector action of the baroreceptors and the hemoreceptors, situated in define areas of the cardiovascular system send the necessary information to the central nerve system. In the medulla oblongata, there is a center that regulates the tonus of the vessels, which regulate the arterial pressure in combination with other formations of the central nerve system: hypothalamus, limbic system and brain cortex.

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