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Magnetic leather band from lack in black-silver (details)

Magnetic leather band from lack in black-silver (details)
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Face: shining real leather with black-silver effect
Lining: real leather

Size of the head:
from 55.0 cm/21.7 in to 59.0 cm/23.2, width: 2.5cm/ 1 in

The magnetic leather band from lack in black-silver calms the nervous system and thus affect the sleep disorders.
The sleep disorder manifest as impaired sleep, impaired awakening, impaired depth and uniformity of the sleep.
The impaired sleep is a condition caused by abnormal reflex of falling asleep. The expectation of sleep increases the stress, which in turn increases the falling asleep time.
In the most cases, the sleep disorder is a manifestation of Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.
Often, the difficult falling asleep is an essential component of a neurological illness. In such cases, sleep disorder is an accompanying symptom which further complicates the disease.
The sleep disorder may be a reaction of the body against troubling the biological cycle as a result of systematic extension of the working day.
The balance between excitation and inhibition can be disrupted in many other states, which leads to exhaustion of the nervous system. The use of the magnetic leather band from lack in black-silver is a good prevention against the exhaustion of the nervous system and prevents the sleep disorder. Continue ...

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