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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have bought a magnetic band for wrist, but it is bigger then I expected. What should I do?

To feel the effective influence of the magnetic bands, it is important to put them tight to the body. If the bought band is a little bit larger on your wrist, you should move it few centimeters up on the arm, or to put it on the other arm (usually the two arms have different sizes). So you should find the position, on which the band will be tight to the body. There is no matter on which arm it will be put and if it will be on the wrist or few centimeters up. If the magnetic band is too big and you can’t wear it tight to the body, send her back, keeping the rules described in Return Policy and we will send you new magnetic band with the wished size and design.


2. Does the magnetic bands reducing for sure the high blood pressure? Are there situations when they don’t help?

The magnetic products beMAGnetic reduce the high blood pressure for sure. There are no cases in which the bands did not help. But for the hypertension, there are various reasons for its occurrence and different mechanisms of influence over them. You can learn more from our specialized articles in the Blog. There are types of hypertension, for which the magnetic field reduce the blood pressure for few hours.
If you have high blood pressure, we recommend you to reduce considerably the salt in your food. In this way you will reduce the retention of fluids in your body. The reducing of the salt and the use of compensatory magnetic filed with the products for magnetic therapy beMAGnetic, you will balance permanently your blood pressure.



3. Does the magnetic bands remove the pain?

The removal of the pain is the most popular effect of the magnet use. In the physiotherapy the most popular method to reduce and eliminate pain is the use of strong magnetic field.
With a permanently use of the magnetic bands beMAGnetic you will achieve the same effect as with dozen physiotherapy procedures with magnetic filed.
It is important to remember, that the magnetic bands should be put tight to the body. If they are not tight, the effect will be quite weak.




4. How many magnetic bands can be wearied at the same time?

There is no limitation of the number of magnetic bands that can be wearied in the same time. The most suitable for compensating magnetic influence are the magnetic bands for wrist. If you have hypertension problems and frequent headache, you can use the magnetic band for head also. If you have problems with the legs and the knee joints, it is necessary to use the magnetic bands for knee and ankle.


5. Should I wear the magnetic bands all the day long?

The magnetic field, indeed in our products has moderate strength (intensity) and they can be used without limitation in the time. beMAGnetic are very suitable for prophylaxis, because they don’t require special regime of use. The time of use of the magnetic bands depends only of your healthy status.
If you don’t have healthy problems and you are using beMAGnetic for compensation of your Magnetic Deficiency, you can wear them few hours per day.
If you feel pain or you have other healthy problems you can wear the magnetic bands without rest until the healthy problem get solved.


6. Can I loose weight with the magnetic bands?

When using permanently the magnetic bands beMAGnetic we regulate the deviations in our metabolism. As a result of the improved metabolism and the raised efficiency most part of the people, who use beMAGnetic regulates their weight.
With the magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic we loose weight slowly, but healthy.


7. How the magnetic bands help to overcome the depression?

The magnetic field influences the peripheral and central nervous system. From the articles in our site you can learn in details about the mechanism of influence of the magnetic field on the human organism and more concrete on the nerve system.
The magnetic filed reduce the stress, increase the ability to work and concentration of attention. With its influence the magnetic filed eliminate all conditions for appearance of depression.
In this way the magnetic bands beMAGnetic, actually, are powerful means for the prevention of stress and depression.