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Company Policy

Our team knows how important it is for the development of the live organisms and the humans to compensate the insufficiency of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Overcoming the insufficiency of this nature factor through compensatory sources of constant magnetic field, guarantee to us good health, wonderful physical and mental condition and longevity.

The magnetic products Healthy Band are compensatory sources of constant magnetic field, which are necessary for everyone.

We make efforts to have our products with varied design, so many people can like them and use them. We make them from real leathers, so they are nice and comfortable to the body and you feel well wearing them. We succeeded produce them and offer them to you on prices accessible for every client. Our researches show undoubtedly the favor of using the products for magnetic prophylaxis and therapy Healthy Band.

That is why we offer you 35 days test period.

In this way everyone who buy from our magnetic products, will have the possibility to convince personally for their use and to make the best choice of type and design.

During the 35 day test period you will have the possibility to change the bought product for any other magnetic product, offered by us. If the new product is more expensive then the product you return, it will be necessary to pay the difference in the price, before we send you the new order. The transportation costs for the return of the magnetic band and the receipt of the new one will be on the client’s charge. The 35 day test period starts from the moment we give the order to the transporter. To return the magnetic band, you should send it in a way so the parcel to arrive in our warehouse not latest then the 35th day after the start of the order from our warehouse.

Please, if you decide to take the opportunity of our 35 day test period, calculate and keep exactly the term (time limit), so we can send you the wished by you new product, after you pay the transport.

We know, that, if you use regularly the magnetic products Healthy Band you will be more healthy, more energetic and more successful.

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