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Company Policy

Our team has the purpose to create beautiful products with therapeutic action, attractive design and quality of wished accessory for everyday use. In this way we created the new line of stylish leather accessories for magnetic prophylaxis and therapy beMAGnetic. The products are made by effective real leathers, which are nice and comfortable to the body.

We made special efforts to find the optimal balance between the useful properties of the products, their attractive vision and acceptable prices, in order to fulfill the other part of our mission – to make them accessible for everybody.

When you read this page, you have probably already looked on our e-store and you have seen there is a lot of information in it.

Out wish is to tell everyone who visits our site how they can take care of theirself, how important it is to compensate the insufficiency of nature factors and to recover their connection with the nature, which is interrupt by the contemporary way of life.

We will continue to offer you actual information about the mechanisms of biological influence of the magnetic field, about the utility of receiving magnetic water, about the way to clear our organism, to repair its alkalescency and to reduce the free radicals, about the effective prophylaxis against the appearance of serious life threatening diseases – all this with no need to change our dynamic, contemporary way of life.

If you wish to be permanently informed for our new publications and developments or if you wish to get in contact with us for concrete advice, make an account in our site and we will be always at your service. On each user who make an account in the site we will provide special e-mail address for fast and direct communication with us.

Let’s help each other and give back the nature in our deformed life to be more healthy, more successful and happier.

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