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Bemagnetic - alternative medicine, stylish leather accessories

Without hypertension and without infarction with magnetic accessories beMAGnetic

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Why do almost all people have MAGNETIC  DEFICIENCY
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beMAGnetic improve your health beMAGnetic improve your health without contra-indication If you use beMAGnetic you no need for doping


The magnetic accessories for suffering from cardiovascular diseases and hypertension can save your life

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 The magnetic leather bracelets regulate the blood pressure. The magnetic leather bands for head reduce the risk from stroke. The leather magnetic bands for knee is used for relief the pain in knee.

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The magnetic accessories for fans of famous athletes and philosophers increase physical and mental endurance of the body. The special magnetic leather bracelets are made from black real leather with metal accessories and they have enhanced therapeutic effect

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 The magnetic accessories for football fans improve health status and are made with a suitable design for the fans.

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Magnetic prophylaxis - effective prevention
against the accumulation of
Magnetic Deficiency and the occurrence of
Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.


What is the significance of the constant magnetic field for the health and the development of the living organisms?
Why do almost all people have the Magnetic Deficiency?
How can we overcome the magnetic deficiency and restore the natural balance in our body?

The Earth is a giant permanent magnet. Life on Earth was born and evolved under the influence of the Earth's magnetic field. Unfortunately the civilization recedes the people from the environment, natural for all living organisms.

We live in an iron cage, known in science as a "Faraday cage".  All around us, there is iron. In buildings in which we are born, learn and work are embedded tones of iron. The vehicles we use are classical iron cages.

The iron shields the earth's magnetic field, and it can not reach the living organisms placed in the iron cage. So the living organisms accumulate Magnetic Deficiency that infringe the vital functions and hinders the normal development.

In the 50s of last century, the Japanese scientist Dr. Kiyoshi Nakagawa define this condition as Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. After 20 years of research, led by his team, he found that many of our discomforts and health problems are a manifestation of Magnetic Deficiency accumulated in our body.

The manifestation of Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome begins with occasional discomforts that Dr. Nakagawa calls symptoms of Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome - headache, stiff neck and shoulders, later and joints stiff, sensitivity to climatic changes and solar flares; nervousness; abnormal metabolism, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Usually, in these cases, the doctors can not locate the cause and they put universal diagnosis - stress and nervous tension.

Over time, the accumulated Magnetic Deficiency causes chronic diseases.



The doctors find us cardiovascular diseases, but nobody explains why our heart, which was recently healthy, is sick now.

There is no logical explanation why our stable until recently metabolism has now been broken, why our recently working circulatory system is already blocked by high cholesterol because it is getting more nervous, why we lose concentration and why our recently dynamic life changes?

The standard medicine establishes a specific symptom and begins to treat the symptom. It does not examine the natural balances in the body and in most cases no tools with which to identify the imbalances and to reach the cause of the appearance of this symptom. The drugs we take (often unnecessarily) with many contraindications damage our healthy organs. So the more they heal us, we become more ill, and imbalance in our body deepens.

Dr. Kiyoshi Nakagawa gives us very useful advice. When we feel discomfort, to put a source of constant magnetic field nere ourself - magnetic bracelet or strong permanent magnet on the desk next to us. If the discomfort disappears within one-two days, influenced by the constant magnetic field it means the reason for its appearance is the Magnetic Deficiency in the body. In this case, the appeared discomfort is a symptom of the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome and its treatment with chemicals is a mistake that often damage more our organism.

We have created the magnetic leather accessories beMAGnetic, as a means of daily, magnetic prophylaxis and effective prevention of the Magnetic Deficiency. If we daily compensate the insufficiency of earth's magnetic field it will not allow the accumulation of Magnetic Deficiency and the occurrence of Magnetic Deficiency syndrome.

This magnetic prevention is extremely easy to apply in our daily life and would save us a lot of health problems. In this way we will be healthier and will keep our dynamic lifestyle.