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Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size XL (details)

Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size XL (details)
Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size XL (details)
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Face material: real leather
Lining: real leather
- length: 72.00 cm/ 28.3 in
- width: 4.00 cm/ 1.6 in
- tour of the neck: from 55.50 cm/ 21.9 in  to 64.50 cm/ 25.4 in
Types of dog cancer

The viral portable dog cancer is the first viral portable tumor established 120 years ago in Europe. The viral dog cancer is sexually transmitted.
Dog cancer in the digestive system.
- Frequently meet is the dog cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, jaw bones and salivary gland. This type of tumor is very rare in cats.
- The dog cancer in the middle part of the gastrointestinal tract - carcinoma of the stomach.
- Tumors in the anal organs - can be found in older dogs and cats.
About 20% of such tumors are malignant.
Dog cancer of the liver. The primary dog cancer of the liver is associated with chitosan.
Dog cancer of the lung. Malignant tumors of the lung, of all mammals are most often seen in dogs, cats and humans. The reasons for appearing of the primary dog cancer of the lung are not known. Usually the dog cancer of the lung is result of metastasis from primary dog cancer of the mammary glands, liver, and thyroid.
The magnetic leather bands can not help against the spread of viral dog cancer, but can also be used as an effective prevention for reduction of the risk factors inducing other types of dog cancer. The magnetic field adjust the work of the endocrine system and therefore is a factor that can prevent hormonal abnormalities that are often the cause of the occurrence of dog cancer.

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