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Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size M (details)

Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size M (details)
Dog magnetic collar - brown real leather, size M (details)
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Face material: real leather

Lining: real leather

- length: 57.00 cm/ 22.4 in
- width: 3.00 cm/ 1.2 in
- tour of the neck: from 41.00 cm/ 16.1 in to 50.00 cm/ 19.7 in

Dog supplies:
In his civilization development, the man has departed from the natural environment.
To preserve a connection with nature, the people bring into their homes the most adaptive to these conditions species - dogs and cats.
The need to adapt the pets to the human lifestyle of their owners provoked the creation and the offering on the market of special products for cats and dogs.
The dog supplies are different –from foods to extravagant accessories and even clothing.
The variety of dog supplies, unfortunately, does not solve the basic problems of the pets, namely the compensation of deficits of important natural factors.
beMAGnetic for pets are the most useful and irreplaceable items from all dog supplies, because they are the only means of overcome the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.
Unlike any other dog supplies, the magnetic collars beMAGnetic have no alternative and there is no another convenient option to compensate the magnetic deficiency and to provide effective health prevention.
Among all the dog supplies, look for the products beMAGnetic and give health of your pet!

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