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OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE - story - (details)

OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE - story - (details)
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Magnetic bracelets for the fans of OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE:

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Olympique Marseille was founded in 1892, but in the beggining the rugby is the most important sport for the club. The club started to deal in priority with football in 1902
In the 20s Olympique Marseille became an important team, winning the Cup of France in 1924, 1926 and 1927, as well as the French championship.
The Cup of France in 1924 was the first major trophy for Olympique Marseille.
In 1932, Olympique Marseille gained professional status, and in 1937 it won its first championship trophy in the professional league.
The season 1942/43 for Olympique Marseille is full of records - 100 goals in 30 games in this 20 just in one game (against Avignon 20:2).
In 1965 the president of FC In 1965 president of Olympique Marseille became Marcel LeClerc and the club marked an upswing.
Olympique Marseille returned to the first division in 1965/66 and won the French Cup in 1969, and the championship in 1971.
In 1972, after the coach LeClerc leaved Olympique Marseille, falls in the second division.
Olympique Marseille still manages to return to the first division in 1984.
In 1986, Bernard Tapie became president of Olympique Marseille and was able to build the strongest French team.
From 1989 to 1992 Olympique Marseille won the league four consecutive times and in 1993 won the Champions League in the 1992-93 against AC Milan on the final.
In 1994, however, due to financial setbacks and match-fixing scandal the team has thrown in the second division and played 2 seasons.
Olympique Marseille returned to the first division in 1996 with the support of the owner of Adidas Robert Louis-Dreyfus.
In season 1998/99 Olympique Marseille celebrates its centenary and collect team of stars, but finished second after Bordeaux.
Participating in the finals of the UEFA Cup in 1999, Olympique Marseille lost against Parma.
The home kit of Olympique Marseille, is white shirt, white shorts and white socks.
The away kit of Olympique Marseille is a dark blue shirt, dark blue shorts and dark blue socks.
The third kit of Olympique Marseille is sky blue shirt, sky blue shorts and sky blue socks.
BeMAGnetic design magnetic leather accessories for fans of Olympique Marseille that improve health and make people more energetic and more successful without doping.
The magnetic leather accessories are made with the emblem and colors of the three kits of Olympique Marseille for the year 2013.

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