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Symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression

The symptoms of depression, manifested in behavior change - for example, a patient experiencing a desire to steal when he enters in the store. No precise criteria on which can be clearly diagnosed the the symptoms of depression and to distinguish them from the bad mood. Many of the symptoms of depression and the occurrence of negative mood are similar, but the symptoms of depression are more severe and prolonged.
The depression is an illness that can be treated if the symptoms of depression are detected promptly. The basic rule is to diagnose: if the bad mood lasts more than two weeks and cover all aspects of a person's life, it is probably symptom of depression and a professional help should be seek.

Along with the sadness and reluctance to joy, a sense of guilt is also a symptom of depression. A common symptom of depression is a feeling of loneliness. The depressed person feels abandoned and useless, even when he is surrounded by the love and attention of the other.
A typical symptom of depression is suicidal thoughts.
Often the symptoms of depression manifest as different fears - fear of the future, fear of the dark, health concerns and more.
The symptoms of depression are manifested in behavior - due to uncertainty in their own strength, man give up from his usual activities. He makes elementary errors in his work, all of which he would never do if not because of symptoms of depression.

The symptoms of depression make worse the physical health – the patient feels flabby and tired.

The chronic insomnia also can be a symptom of depression. But also the constant drowsiness and prolonged sleep can be a symptom of depression.

The impaired appetite may be a symptom of depression. The apetite can disappear completely and man loses weight quickly or it can dramatically increase and then the man begins to eat more and to gain weight fast - to increase his weight by nearly 5 percent per month.

Sometimes the symptoms of depression occur in intellectual and mental inadequacy - troubles in thinking and slow motion. It should be mentioned also the psycho-somatic problems specific to depression. Some diseases, such as stomach ulcer or asthma may be complications of chronic onset of symptoms of depression.
The depression does not mean just to be unhappy. The symptoms of depression slowly and persistently blunt the feelings of the man, while the lack of emotion seal permanently in his mind. In this way the men who suffers from depression begins to perceive as normal his dark and miserable “world”. Aside from the mental discomfort, and somatic disorders , people with symptoms of depression suffer from a social perspective – the  circle of their contacts narrows.
According to the statistics, about 15 percent of the people with symptoms of depression that are not treated, end their lives by suicide.

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